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Pilotwings Resort review

Pilotwings has always been a tech demo series, but it’s also managed to be an incredibly fun tech demo series. The original helped launch the Super NES in 1991, introducing fancy new scaling and rotation effects not possible on earlier systems. This was followed by Pilotwings 64 in 1996, which …

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Leaked Microsoft video reveals cross-platform plans

Microsoft discussed cross-platform functionality between the 360, mobile phones, and Windows way back in 2005. However, a recently discovered internal video shows that the company is still working on breaking down barriers between gaming devices. Dating from May 2010, the video showcases the plans of the team heading up a …

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Viggo Mortensen definitely not Zod in Superman: Man of Steel

While Zack Snyder is busy promoting Sucker Punch , it seems that everyone’s more interested in asking him about Superman: Man of Steel . He’s not giving much away, but in a chat with Latino Review he did confirm, sadly, that Viggo Mortensen would not be in the movie, saying: …

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