This PS5 TV deal ends today – save $500 on a quality 120Hz Samsung console companion

If you’ve been looking for a cheap PS5 TV deal, Xbox Series X TV offer, or a discounted 120Hz 4K TV then this 75-inch Samsung Q80A at Best Buy (opens in new tab) could be the one for you – and it’s only available today until midnight PT! You also get a FREE $100 gift card with it too!

An Xbox Series X or PS5 TV deal is a perfect way to team your new console (if you’ve been lucky in the hunt for PS5 stock) and celebrate the weekend. This has all the hallmarks of one of the best TVs for PS5 including that sweet, sweet 120Hz support so you’ll know it’ll have you covered for many years of gaming to come as things get more demanding, and faster.

If you’re in the market for the best gaming TVs generally, or if you fancy a browse or know what you want already, here are the best quick links to get you going at the big, main retailers:

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Samsung Q80AT 120Hz 4K TV| 75-inch | + FREE $100 gift card | $2,700 $2,199.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)
This wall-filling screen is a ‘go big or go home’ approach to a new TV for gaming, and is also one of the best in the business for any other use too. Saving $500 on this TV is an excellent deal, especially for the highly sought-after 120Hz display. Remember you’re getting that extra $100 gift card too!
This deal ends today, finishing at midnight PT.

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Samsung QN85A 120Hz 4K TV | 75-inch | $3,000 $2,699.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)
For those looking to get something from the top of Samsung’s current range of excellent gaming TVs then this NeoQLED gargantuan is a banging deal. NeoQLEDs take all that’s excellent about ‘regular’ QLEDs and push the envelope to 11 (you know what I mean) so saving $300 on something this great, and something this new is terrific.

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Samsung Q80A

(Image credit: Samsung)

This is one of Samsung’s 2021 models, so you’ll get one of the best QLED TVs going from the latest range from one of the best in the business. And while it’s not from the very premier range of TVs from Samsung, – the NeoQLED range, like the Samsung QN95A – it’s still going to be an absolutely banging screen powered by Samsung 4K processor, and featuring quality colours, contrasts and image detail from my favourite TV maker. If colours and detail is your preference, then this is a fine choice. Getting a massive $500 off (opens in new tab) this Samsung Q80A bags you one of the best 120Hz 4K TVs that would definitely give the best OLED TVs a run for their money too.

However, if you’re after something from the QLED range, we’ve picked out a good deal from that range of screens that can also be had at Best Buy today. Remember, if you want to recap on QLED vs OLED vs LCD techs then our jargon buster is just for you so you can work out exactly what you prefer. Spoilers: it’s likely a QLED TV just like these ones.

And if you fancy your gaming screens more desktop-sized then be sure to check out the contenders for best PS5 monitor, best Xbox Series X monitor, best gaming monitor, and best 4K monitor for gaming.

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