Quadriplegic Elden Ring player conquers the game with mouth controller

A quadriplegic Chinese man named Zhu Mingjun completed Elden Ring using only a modified mouth controller. 

According to Superpixel (opens in new tab), Mingjun is a former fireman who was injured in the line of duty, an event that left him able to only move his head and part of his torso. His mouth controller – which uses two tubes and Mingjun’s breath to move his character around – allowed him to defeat seven of the game’s main bosses and reach his own ending. 

Initially, Mingjun needed assistance from his mother to perform actions like running, with limited mobility for his in-game avatar. It took plenty of practice, but now he can tackle all of these movements on his own. In fact, he’s an adept player who now regularly streams via BiliBili (opens in new tab), with his most recent clip showing off how he powered through the game to see the credits.  

This isn’t the first time a player has used a similar controller style to beat Elden Ring. Twitch streamer HanDcapableSean (opens in new tab) used a chin controller to defeat bosses like the seemingly indomitable Margit the Fell Omen using just his chin. 

He uses a special setup that utilizes both software called Antimicro and a NACON Revolution Pro Controller V2 Gamepad. He’s completed similarly difficult games in the past, so Elden Ring is the next on his list to conquer. 

Elden Ring has proven to be popular with a diverse set of players, with inventive fixes for everyone to be able to enjoy the game. Whether it’s via adaptive or traditional controls, it’s a challenge that always feels good to complete. 

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