Did Ms. Marvel borrow her MCU powers from a comic book mutant?

Ms. Marvel season one has wrapped with the finale now streaming on Disney Plus. And what can we say – Kamala Khan finally “embiggened”!

Even though she used her signature power – and even the accompanying catchphrase – the results looked a little different in the MCU than in comics.

In comics, when Kamala embiggens, she actually changes size and shape. But in the MCU, true to her crystalline energy powers, she forms a sort of larger, armored body around herself.

If you’re like us (total comic book nerds) that moment, along with the episode’s big reveal, put you in mind of a totally different Marvel Comics character.

Kamala Khan in the MCU

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Speaking of that big reveal, spoilers for Ms. Marvel episode 6 – and we mean serious spoilers. Be warned!

In the episode’s first stinger scene, Kamala’s tech-genius friend Bruno reveals that he’s discovered that the true source of her powers isn’t her ClanDestine DNA – that simply provides a connection to the mystical energy of their home dimension. 

As it turns out, Kamala’s powers themselves come from a genetic mutation.

As in, Kamala Khan is a mutant. The first confirmed mutant in the mainstream MCU, in fact.

By now, you’ve probably put together that the way Kamala uses her powers plus her newly revealed mutant DNA put us in mind of Hisato Ikichi, AKA Armor of the X-Men from Marvel Comics.

First introduced back in the landmark Astonishing X-Men, Armor has the power to create armor of spiritual force powered by her ancestors around her body.

If that sounds a little bit like what we just explained about Kamala Khan in the MCU, you’re not alone.

Armor in Marvel Comics

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Kamala Khan’s new MCU powers, though not limited to body armor that forms around her body and “embiggens” her, are certainly somewhat reminiscent of Armor’s mutant abilities – down to a connection to the spiritual power of her ancestors.

Now, we’re not saying Marvel Studios just gave Armor’s powers a palette swap for Ms. Marvel in the MCU. And we’re definitely not saying Ms. Marvel should somehow take Armor’s place in the X-Men when they eventually come to the MCU.

But we are saying that it’s interesting that some of their themes and abilities line up – especially given Kamala Khan’s newly revealed mutant nature.

There’s one other thing Armor and Ms. Marvel have in common, and unlike the possible resemblance between their powers, this one’s straight from comic books: they’re both extremely good at annoying Wolverine during team-ups.

Both Armor and Ms. Marvel have had adventures alongside the most violent and hardcore member of the X-Men, and both have earned his respect through those same adventures, even as they annoyed the ever-loving crap out of him (as teen girls often do to old men).

So maybe, if nothing else, that’s something we’ve got to look forward to.

Kamala Khan’s team up with Wolverine is one of the best Ms. Marvel stories ever.

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