This Elden Ring speedrunner is gunning for a sub-7 minute run

The fastest Elden Ring speedrun is currently sitting below nine minutes, but Twitch streamer Distortion2 wants to cut it down even further. 

When Distortion2 completed Elden Ring in under 30 minutes (opens in new tab), it was already an impressive achievement. Now that the talented streamer has cut that time down to less than half of his original achievement, he believes there’s still room for improvement. 

One of Distortion2’s latest runs involved a strange exploit that transports the player across the map. Using a similar method that allowed him to blow past the boss Maliketh, Distortion2 followed streamers G1nnz and Mitchriz and joined the 10-minute club with a record sub-nine clear. 

Distortion2’s current best run clocks in at 8:56, but he feels there’s still more than he can do to keep chipping away at that time. As such, he says he’s going to “keep grinding” to get under seven minutes. That’s a lofty goal, but between perfected warps and more practice, it’s possible we’ll see a sub-seven world record before long. 

If it weren’t bonkers enough to think that someone could clear Elden Ring in less than 10 minutes (and still look to do even better), players are also tackling a slew of wild custom challenges. Distortion himself completed a run using nothing but their character’s butt. It was, as we appraised it, peachy. Just a few days ago, streamer Luality defeated Malenia using only a dance pad. Likewise, SuperLouis64 defeated Godrick the Grafted using a controller made out of bananas. As Olivia Rodrigo once said, it’s brutal out here… for Elden Ring, I mean. 

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