VOTE! Greatest Vampires Ever Poll!

With so many new vampires added to the zeitgeist since we last ran a vampire poll, we reckoned it was time for an update

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Deep within the dusty catacombs of the SFX website, entombed in an earth-filled coffin, is a Top 50 Vampires poll. Like the supernatural creatures that spawned it, this poll will not rest in peace. 18 months after it was sired, it still receives a hefty amount of hits every day. Which is great – we love being popular – but there’s been a lot of new vampire activity on the big and small screen since it was compiled, and it’s looking a bit out of date, like a Bela Lugosi Dracula in a True Blood world.

So it’s time for an update. Which is where you come in. And we’ve made it easier than ever to vote this time.

Below is a list of every single vampire that made the Top 50 last time, plus a few more new candidates (most notably from The Vampire Diaries , the US Being Human , Let Me In and the Fright Night remake). You can vote for up to five vampires , and even add your own suggestions (but if Stuart Townsend gets some votes for Queen Of The Damned we’ll assume it’s Stuart Townsend block voting). We’d strongly advise browsing the entire list (or even checking out the previous Top 50 ) before making your choices, because even if you are intent on just picking five vampires from Buffy , we reckon you’ll see some alternative tempting choices too.

We’ll be publishing the results on this site early next year to coincide with our next SFX vampire special going on sale, so you have until 3 January to vote. Spread the word. We want to make this the biggest vampire vote ever.

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