PSA: The new 3DS firmware update is live

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What are you going to do while you’re waiting for your Xbox live dashboard to update? Don’t worry, Nintendo has you covered! Spend that time updating your 3DS firmware, too! Nintendo’s delayed update to their dual-screened handheld has gone live, and comes with a slew of updates that we’re still digging through.

The most notable is the 3D video capture, which allows up to ten minutes of 3D video to be captured to the SD card. In practice it works just as expected – cool, but with some issues. Moving the 3DS too fast causes the tiny cameras to lose focus, creating an image that might be banned by the Geneva Convention. If the camera is moved slowly, however, it’s pretty cool.

Other features include the addition of some new StreetPass and SpotPass elements, changes to the Mii Plaza, and the addition of “Accomplishments,” because that’s what was missing from the 3DS. There are other fun things we’re still in the process of learning about, too (unlike Microsoft, Nintendo has been somewhat secretive when it comes to the additions in the firmware updates).

In the meantime you might as well download it yourself and find out exactly what Nintendo has been up to in the past few months. And, you know, you can take 3D videos of your cat or something.

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