The SFX Factor Round 9

The final elimination before the big finale day. Who’s been ousted this time?

So, without any further ado (or product placement in the guise of tattoos) the latest contender to be voted out of The SFX Factor is…

(Pause long enough for you to lose the will to live…)

Babylon 5 ’s Claudia Christian! Impressive run though, we have to admit.

And then there were five.

Remember, after each elimination, the votes are set back to zero, so you need to keep supporting your favourites each round. Best of all, voting is absolutely free!

Has your favourite been eliminated already? Then you can transfer your vote, either to support your next favourite or to vote tactically to keep someone you don’t like from winning. Yeah, the fight gets dirty from here on in.

Next elimination… tomorrow morning, when then vote counters wake up from their hangovers.



William Shatner

Best known as: James T Kirk in Star Trek
Singing: Rocket Man (1978)

Just as Shatner never let a limited range of acting talent stop him becoming a huge acting icon, he never let a total inability to sing get in the way of a singing career. His ’68 album, The Transformed Man – featuring a bizarre mix of poetry, Shakespeare and part-sung, part-shouted, part-mumbled covers of Mr Tambourine Man and Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – has become a cult classic despite Q naming it one of their worst 50 albums of all time. Nearly four decades later he teamed up with the acclaimed Ben Folds, who produced the album Has Been , which spawned a quite extraordinary version of Pulp’s Common People, and, even more extraordinarily, good reviews. Here he “transforms” Elton John’s Rocket Man , with an official endorsement from the song’s co-writer, Bernie Taupin, amazingly.

Song we’d like to hear him cover: If… You TOL…erATE This, Then… You’re Chil… dren WILL… be NEXT



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