The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Deku Tree walkthrough

The path to the first dungeon is entirely straightforward. Village idiot Mido will demand you equip a sword and shield before visiting the Great Deku Tree, which is easily done; The Kokiri Sword is located in a maze on top of a hill in the village (you can see it in the lower left side of the village map) and the Deku Shield is available in the shop for 40 Rupees. Scour the village for cash, equip both items, talk to Mido and then enter the Great Deku tree.

Get: Fairy Slingshot, Gold Skulltulas x3, Heart Container, Spiritual Stone of the Forest

The first dungeon is pretty straightforward, but there are a couple of “ah-ha!” moments that may elude you. Deku Sticks can be set on fire to burn cobwebs and light torches, and the main web in the first room is broken by leaping from the very top. Be sure to keep your Deku Nut count up, and quickly put away a burning Deku Stick before it disintegrates. Another fun fact about Deku Sticks: they can be swung as a sword, and actually deal more damage than a regular sword strike, but will break and cannot be used again. Use them wisely!

Some general dungeon info: they all contain a map and compass; the former to reveal the layout and number of floors, and the latter to show which direction you’re facing as well as which door you last exited.

Above: The Fairy Slingshot, used to hit enemies and trigger switches from far away

Above: Burn away webs and light torches with burning Deku Sticks

Above: Break the large web near the entrance by leaping from the top of the room

Above: The Deku Shield can deflect incoming projectiles; bounce them back at these scrubs

Fighting Gohma: Look at the ceiling until you trigger the fight. Stay targeted on Gohma and wait for its eye to turn red – when it does, shoot it with your slingshot to stun it, then move in and strike with your sword. Jumping attacks deal more damage, as don’t forget that Deku Sticks pack a whallop as well. Refer to the video for more details, and be sure to grab the heart container before exiting via the blue beam.

As you leave Kokiri Forest, Saria will give you an Ocarina. Your next destination should be Hyrule Castle, where you can obtain your first heart piece.

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