Doctor Who “A Good Man Goes To War” Final Consolidated Ratings

Mid-series finale benefits from a massive time shift of over two million. Camelot , meanwhile, puts in a solid performance for C4

Doctor Who could end up in the Top 2o shows of the week, which would be quite an achievement in a week where ITV1 clogged up the schedules with about a zillion different installments of Britain’s Got Easily-Manipulated-Wannabes . The share for Who was slightly lower than you’d expect (31%), but that’s because ITV1 was showing the European Footaball final and then BGT back to back. Although the actual match finished before Who started, lots of viewers clearly just stayed on ITV1 for the half hour period between the match and the talent show. Which is not an excuse – it just makes the fact that Doctor Who nabbed 7.57 million viewers at 6.40pm on a summer Saturday even more impressive.

And expect some impressive iPlayer figures too – “A Good Man Goes To War” was hanging around the upper echelons of the iPlayer chart all last week (and “The Almost People” was still putting in an appearance in the lower reaches too).

Meanwhile, the C4 premier of Camelot last night pulled in 2.24 million viewers, which is an impressive figure for a C4 drama. Question is, will the viewers stick around next week?

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