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GRs weekend giveaway: Combat Wings model kits

UPDATE 01/09/2012: This contest is closed. Thank you very much for entering. A private message has been sent to each potential winner. Please check your inbox to see if you’ve won and reply so that we can mail you your prize. This week, GamesRadar celebrates the lost art of clipping …

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TalkRadar 144 – Out to launch

Your Hosts The Topics (opens in new tab) Short of setting them on fire or something… Pilotwings Resort review (opens in new tab) Bite-sized aviation suitable for buses and couches alike (opens in new tab) Surprisingly shallow QOTW:Got a console launch story? (opens in new tab) Ever waited in a …

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Pilotwings Resort review

Pilotwings has always been a tech demo series, but it’s also managed to be an incredibly fun tech demo series. The original helped launch the Super NES in 1991, introducing fancy new scaling and rotation effects not possible on earlier systems. This was followed by Pilotwings 64 in 1996, which …

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