Sniper Elite V2 bottle guide

Throughout the campaign of Sniper Elite V2, there are 37 wine bottles scattered in some very deviously hidden places. For each bottle, you’ll have to snipe it to collect the bottle, regular guns won’t work. Since sniping is the only way to get these, they are often high up and far away. Not only do their locations make things difficult, but for many of the bottles, shooting them will alert nearby guards. When this does happen, simply reload the checkpoint and the bottle will still be considered shot, but the guards will go back to being unaware. Below we have the location of each bottle as well as a video for each mission to sum up where exactly each can be found. Good luck and good hunting!

Mission 1: Prologue

Mission 2: Schoneberg Convoy

Mission 3: Mittelwerk Facility

Mission 4: Kaiser-Friedrich Museum

Mission 5: Opernplatz

Mission 6: St. Olibartus Church

Mission 7: Tiegarten Flak Tower

Mission 8: Karlshorst Command Post

Mission 9: Kreuzberg Headquarters

Mission 10: Kopenick Launch Site

Mission 11: Brandenburg Gate

Mission 1: Prologue

1: This first bottle can be found across from the hotel, in the windows across the street on the second floor.

Mission 2: Schoneberg Convoy 

2: When you grab the charges and plant the first one across the street, look to the right and around the corner to see the bottle on top of the round sign to the right.

3: At the same spot as the previous bottle, there will be a sniper on the roof right above where you place the first charge. The bottle will be beside him on the roof ledge.

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