Samsung announces Galaxy Book Odyssey gaming laptop… and a new Nvidia RTX graphics card

The Samsung Galaxy Book Odyssey has just been announced for an August 2021 launch, and it features a brand-new Nvidia 30-series graphics card.

Revealed during Samsung’s Unpacked 2021 event, the Galaxy Book Odyssey is the first gaming laptop made by Samsung (until now, the tech giant was content to stick with the best gaming tablets and the best gaming phones). However, it also marks the introduction of yet another Nvidia GPU – the Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti. Considering how difficult it is to get any of the 30-series graphics cards, that’s a significant draw.

Alongside its 3050 Ti, the Odyssey will include an 11th-gen Intel Core Tiger Lake H-series processor. What’s more, each one will feature “changeable and expandable” SSDs with up to 2TB of memory. You can get up to 32GB of RAM, too. 

Samsung Galaxy Book Odyssey

(Image credit: Samsung)

Finally, a 15.6-inch screen and a unique logo design round out the package. The whole thing is surprisingly thin as well, so that “enhanced cooling system” must be pretty effective.

Although we’ll have to see if the Samsung Galaxy Book Odyssey makes its way onto our list of the best gaming laptops, we don’t have long to wait – it launches at some point this August, with prices starting at $1,399.

We imagine it’ll go down well. That 3050 Ti will mean demand for the laptop – and the card itself, presuming it gets a run on its own – should be enormous. And even though it will be the baby of the new RTX laptops, the Odyssey offers something different to the RTX 3060 laptop, RTX 3070 laptop, and RTX 3080 laptop beasts that have already come to the market. Namely, a low-end 30-series laptop will be attractive as the new cards from Nvidia offer an enormous bump in performance from the last generation. As a result, the 3050 Ti is in a position to cater to those that want a gaming-capable laptop, but who might prefer the features and aesthetic of something like the Samsung Galaxy Book range.

Color us intrigued…

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