Call of Duty: Warzone fan theory suggests Verdansk 84 is an elaborate flashback

A new Call of Duty: Warzone fan theory attempts to explain the time-travelling business with Verdansk 84.

Earlier today, it was discovered that fast travelling could be coming to Call of Duty: Warzone through red doors. The community picked up on this through a survey sent to players by developer Raven Software, and a Reddit (opens in new tab) theory has spread from this due to the nature of the red doors being involved.

As first picked up on by Eurogamer (opens in new tab) earlier today, a theory has stemmed from this. Earlier this month, the new Verdansk 84 map was launched through Season 3 of Warzone, taking players back to 1984. Ever since then, players have attempted to work out if we’re fully time travelling back to 1984, or whether they’re being transported there in some other fashion.

Now, they might have found an explanation. In the live event that introduced the Verdansk 84 map, players were taken through a red door to be introduced to the new map, which you can see at around the six minute, 40 second mark in the video below. 

If you’ve played the campaign of Black Ops Cold War, there’s a particular mission called Break on Through that has the player going through red doors in hallucinogenic sequences. Passing through a red door initiates a flashback sequence that depicts an event prior to the current time period.

This, players think, is what’s happened with the Verdansk 84 map. We haven’t actually travelled back in time to Verdansk in 1984, but are instead reliving events through an extended flashback sequences. Lending credence to this is the name of the operation that takes place in Verdansk 84, called “Flashback,” which is pretty convincing.

It’s a pretty elaborate theory, but it’s one that actually has some weight behind it through the use of red doors in Black Ops Cold War’s campaign and their reappearance in the reveal event. Developer Raven Software could very well never end up elaborating on this to confirm the flashback theory, but it’s nonetheless some intriguing detective work from Warzone’s community.

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