Reese Witherspoon on Disneys Wish List

Reese Witherspoon must love that warm, fuzzy feeling. Soon to be seen in McG comedy This Means War , and having agreed to produce Who Invited Her? , she’s added a third romcom to her slate in the form of Disney’s Wish List .

However, before you start rolling your eyes in despair, this latest project does have quite a nifty concept attached. Wish List will follow the story of a young girl who makes 10 wishes at a wishing well, only for none of them to come true when her coin gets stuck on the way down.

Some 25 years later, the coin is finally dislodged, hitting the bottom of the well and triggering those long-forgotten wishes. The girl, now a successful career woman, is in for quite a surprise when all her childhood desires suddenly come back to haunt her…

Reportedly, the film had initially been conceived with a male lead in mind, but Mrs. Doubtfire scribbler Mayem Singer is currently reworking the script around Witherspoon.

Whilst Reese might not exactly be challenging herself with this sort of material, it does at least sound like a fun idea. Meanwhile, Disney will be hoping they another Enchanted -style smash on their hands…


High concept fun or just another star treading water? What do you reckon?

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