Harrison Ford annoyed by The Smurfs

Harrison Ford has weighed in to last weekend’s box-office fight: Cowboys & Aliens vs The Smurfs , telling talk show host Conan O’Brien he is ‘annoyed’ by Smurfs

In a close run battle, John Favreau’s comic-book movie narrowly beat the little blue characters to the top spot, as Cowboys & Aliens notched up $36.4m while The Smurfs took $35.6m.

“I thank you very much each and every one of you,” Ford told the show’s audience following applause on his entrance, following up with, “Where were you this weekend?”

In a brilliantly deadpan interview with O’Brien, the actor then feigned his dislike for the characters created by Belgian cartoonist Peyo.

O’Brien: “Your movie did fine, you were tied for first,”

Ford: “We didn’t tie, we beat them. By almost a lot of money.”

O’Brien: “Beat which movie?”

Ford: “The thing with the little – I can’t remember the name of it.”

O’Brien: “Let me refresh your memory, it’s called The Smurfs .”

Ford: “OK. So what? So what!?”

O’Brien: “That’s what I’m saying. You beat The Smurfs so what are you complaining about, your movie did fine?”

Ford: “And it’s going to do good next weekend, unless there’s a Muppets movie coming out.”

O’Brien: “I’m sensing some anger here, are you angry at The Smurfs?”

Ford: “Yeah. Yeah.”

O’Brien: “Harrison Ford is angry at The Smurfs? You’re an icon.”

Ford: “I’m annoyed.”

O’Brien: “You’re annoyed by The Smurfs? Well we’re all annoyed by The Smurfs. Would you take your kids to see The Smurfs if they asked you to? ‘Daddy, daddy, take us to see The Smurfs .’”

Ford: “My wife took my son to see The Smurfs . He got into my movie for free early.”

O’Brien: “That’s the movie that was up against you this last weekend so some of the money that went to The Smurfs came from your son. That doesn’t seem right, I’d be mad if I was you.”

Ford: “We’re going to try and get it back.”

Ford needn’t worry, The Muppets isn’t out until 23 November in the US.

O’Brien also joked about The Smurfs in his opening monologue, in a piece about America’s economic crisis.

“The deal reached by President Obama and Congregational leaders would raise the debt ceiling until the year 2013. Here’s the best part: it prevents another Smurfs movie until the year 2014.”

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