PlayStation Vita Review Club livestream at 2PM PT on – video reviews of Uncharted, FIFA, and more

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Our reviews for some of the most anticipated PlayStation Vita games are up, but odds are you’re even more interested in the system itself. What does it do? How does the trophy support work? How are the analog sticks? Is it worth getting? Good news! Today at 2PM PT we’ll be doing a Review Club for the system itself, as well as bringing in reviews to talk about Uncharted, Little Deviants, FIFA, Super Stardust, and more.

What are Review Clubs? Glad you asked! They’re sort of a hybrid livestream/video review/podcast that gives you the best of each. We throw a few different editors from Future US (GamesRadar, PC Gamer, PlayStation the Official Magazine, Official Xbox Magazine) into the same room, where they play through sections of the game while talking about their own reviews. They’ll also answer your questions, if you want to comment on the review or simply find out more information on the game.

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