The Darkness II: New gameplay trailer rated “M” for messy acts of violence

GamesRadar had many good things to say about The Darkness, a surprisingly emotional and compelling first-person shooter. So it’s great to see promising gameplay footage from the upcoming sequel in the latest E3 teaser. Set two years after the events in the first game, we find that Jackie Estacado has used his powers as host of the darkness to lead an organized crime family.

In terms of gameplay footage, you’ll also get a good look at The Darkness II’s new ‘quad-wielding’ feature, which allows Estacado to double up with dual firearms and darkness powers. The trailer also provides a great advanced look at the sequel’s new art style, which looks softer and more comic-like. According to 2K Games, the new style makes use of a “hand-painted technique for cross hatching and coloring.”

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