Paranormal Activity 5 confirmed for Halloween 2013 release

With the inevitability of the rising sun, Paramount has announced that another Paranormal Activity film is in the pipeline, with the fifth film set to open in the UK next Halloween.

The news comes hot on the heels of Paranormal Activity 4 ’s opening weekend, with the latest installment in the found-footage franchise topping the US box office after a $30m haul.

That’s actually a marginally disappointing figure for the franchise, the lowest opening for a Paranormal Activity film since the first one. However, given the film was made for just $5m, it still stands to make a very healthy profit.

It’s those ultra-cheap production costs that will have made another sequel so appealing to Paramount execs, especially given the series’ formidable performance in overseas territories. Paranormal Activity 3 took over $100m outside of the States.

No surprise then to learn that we can expect Paranormal Activity 5 in time for a Halloween 2013 release date. Expect those bumps in the night to continue for a while yet…

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