Overwatch 2 needs to have even more updates than the first game, new director says

The new director of Overwatch 2 has shared some of his thoughts on how the game will stay current next to ever-updating games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone.

Previously the assistant game director for Overwatch, Aaron Keller stepped up to lead its sequel after former director Jeff Kaplan announced his departure. While Blizzard has already shared how Overwatch 2 will expand on its predecessor with the addition of new co-op missions and a cinematic story mode, GameSpot (opens in new tab) asked Keller whether the massive growth of live service games with frequent new content drops since Overwatch’s 2016 launch has affected Blizzard’s vision for the sequel.

“Going forward I think that, especially for Overwatch 2, players ought to be able to look back at what we’ve created for Overwatch 1, we have created almost as many maps for the live game as we did for the game when it launched, almost as many heroes for the live game as when it launched. We have put a lot into this game,” Keller said. “We have brand new ways to play, brand new types of maps and game modes, and we run our seasonal events every year.

“I think that this is something that when I start looking forward, just personally, [about] what I think we ought to be doing in the future, it’s that and more [that] we need to put out. It’s really important for the game and for the community for us to be releasing as much as we possibly can for the game.”

To recap, Overwatch 2 may not go full Fortnite with constant new events, content, and cycling modes, but Keller definitely wants it to have even more post-launch support than the first game.

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