Outriders Devastator players say theyre being kicked from parties because they dont do enough damage

Some Outriders players are complaining that they’re being kicked out of lobbies because of their chosen class.

In a post (opens in new tab) on the game’s subreddit titled ‘Screw all your chumps who kick Devastators from your expedition’, user HardcoreCamper said “It’s not our fault we don’t do a lot of damage. We are trying to farm as well to get better gear.” They go on to explain that they’re regularly getting removed from lobbies by party leaders, and say that “this type of toxicity is going to be the death of the community.”

In the comments beneath the post, another player (opens in new tab) said that they had started out as the class, but “found it fairly difficult to get into higher difficulty content because no one wanted a Devastator.” 

The issue appears to arise from the fact that the Devastator is traditionally tanky, and while it can deal plenty of damage with certain builds, it’s not enough to keep up with some of the more DPS-focused classes. In end-game expeditions, where you get better loot based on how fast you complete a mission, the likes of Pyromancers or Trickster are far more efficient, which is encouraging players to remove this lower-damage class from their lobbies. 

In other comments (opens in new tab) on that thread, some players suggest that they’re a fan of the increased damage absorption and crowd control that the Devastator offers. Elsewhere on the subreddit, Devastators are making jokes (opens in new tab) about their inability to enjoy the game without a premade party. It’s a difficult situation, especially as the end-game meta is unlikely to have been a focus of players picking their classes just over a week ago, but it’ll be interesting to see whether developer People Can Fly takes action over the class’ lack of popularity within the wider community.

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