Outriders level cap – what is the max level you can reach?

Wondering what the Outriders level cap is as you plow through the game? We were too. Outriders doesn’t let you know what the in-game level cap is until you reach it and suddenly stop levelling up, but the situation with world tiers (and challenge tiers later down the line) mean the answer to the Outriders level cap situation is slightly more complex than you might expect. Don’t worry though, this Outriders level cap guide explains all.

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What is the Outriders level cap?

Outriders level cap

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Let’s cut to the chase; the Outriders level cap is 30. Don’t click off yet though – that’s only half the story. If you’re new to games like Outriders, AKA looter shooters, there’s a World Tier system in place that essentially allows you to buff the strength of the enemies you fight but in return, the gear they drop and the rewards you get will be a higher level. So while you can only level your character up to 30, if you unlock World Tier 15 and play on essentially the hardest difficulty, the gear you get will be level 42, because it increases enemy levels by 12.

Then there are the expeditions which take place after you’ve beaten the story. This uses a system called Challenge Tiers, which can increase the enemy level, and the level of the gear you get, all the way to 50. So to make your character as strong as possible, you need to get your Challenge Tier to 15 and grind for some more loot.

There’s a strong chance the Outriders max level cap will be increased in the future too. When new content releases as either DLC or an expansion, the max level could be raised to either 35 or 40, depending on how much new stuff there is to do. You’ll likely finish the story at around level 25, or if you complete all of the side missions too, you’ll hit level 30 long before you reach the end. You can quickly raise your level by focusing on completing missions and handing in things like the Wanted and Hunted contracts in Trench Town, because completing quests grants way more XP than just killing enemies.

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