MISFITS “Rudy And The New Guy Have A Sort Of Bromance”

The peerless Misfits returns to E4 later this year, but with a few new faces populating the most dangerous Community Centre this side of the North Korean border. Producer Matt Strevens spoke to SFX recently and told us what to expect from new boy Finn.

“We’ve upped the humour a little bit more, because as we were writing and as we cast we realised the dynamic between Joe Gilgun [Rudy] and Nathan McMullen, who plays our new boy Finn, who we see in the very first episode, has turned into a sort of a bromance. It’s a bit like The Odd Couple . They wind each other up, but they kind of love each other at the same time.”

But it’s not all laughs when it comes to Finn.

“We meet Finn in the very first episode. He has a dark secret that is revealed at the end of episode one, and then that plays into episode two. What we find out is that his secret informs who he is.”

Argh! What could it be? At least it can’t be any worse than Rudy’s cock-rot…

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