Mark Neveldine talks Nic Cage in Ghost Rider 2

Director Mark Neveldine says Ghost Rider 2 star Nicolas Cage shares the same level of insanity as himself and co-director Brian Taylor.

That’s saying something, especially when the directing duo did everything from roller skating behind a motorcycle to swinging on bungee cords to shoot scenes in Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance .

“Nic [Cage] is as insane as we are, which is nice because it’s a nice blend of insane powers. A meeting of the insanity, I guess you could call it,” Neveldine tells

Neveldine, who shot both Crank films with his directing partner Taylor, was also impressed by Cage’s dedication to the character.

“He’s so passionate about it and so cerebral about it. Talk about controlled chaos, that’s Nicolas. He thinks about everything that he does, and he’s got a reason for it. An intellectual reason and a poetic reason for every choice that he makes,” Neveldine says.

“Once he has all that foundation, that’s when you let him loose. Then it’s just a ramping the knob up. “Oh, let’s do this take on 11, Nic. Let’s do this one on 15. Maybe you can modulate this down and do this on nine and half.” Once he has that, once he knows what he’s doing and why, then he really puts the fight in the demon.”

Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance opens in UK cinemas on 22 February 2012.

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