Kojimas Project Ogre will be less cinematic, much more open-ended

Hideo Kojima has said his next (possibly) non-Metal Gear game, codenamed “Project Ogre,” will be an open-world title with an emphasis on exploration and discovery. “Rather than making something very cinematic,” the director explained to CNN, his aim is to “make something very free.”

Above: Fans wonder if this image could refer to Kojima’s next project

He’s recently stated that the title will be “very subdued,” telling OPSM UK that “on the surface it will look similar, but once you get into it, it will be a different experience, and I’m hoping people look forward to that.” Clearly the Metal Gear genius is having a bit of his trademark wry fun here, as he knows full well that people will very much look forward to finding out exactly what Hideo Kojima’s definition of the word “subdued” could possibly look like.

Above: A look at the Fox Engine’s ability to turn regular folk into videogame heroes

Kojima’s recently tweeted several images showing graphical capabilities of the Fox Engine his team’s currently working with, though these haven’t been officially linked to the future project – which Kojima describes as having “a very open entrance” and containing enough content to reward 100+ hours of free exploration.

Above: New Fox Engine renders demonstrate the software’s impressive capability to display partially-transparent clothing. Hideo Kojima is going to be so rich, you guys

The game, Kojima adds, “is going to take a lot of time, so I want to produce some other things on the side.” These include next year’s Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and who knows what else on the side…

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