Chrono Trigger comes to Android (in Japan)

Chrono Trigger, the 1995 Squaresoft SNES title that nobody in their right mind dislikes, is now available on Android devices. The game, like the recent iOS version, is taken from 2008’s DS port, meaning that title’s extras and side-quests remain available for mobile players.

So far, Chrono Trigger’s available through the Japan-only Square Enix Market, though it’s unlikely Western players ought to have to wait too long for the title. After all, this was one of the games that, along with Secret of Mana and FFVI, taught English-speaking players to stop worrying and love big-eyed cartoon characters with numbers jumping out of their heads. Aside from the minor hindrance of availability, the title offers all the same content as the iOS release – which is to say, all the SNES’ great bits and then some…

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