Jeremy Renner talks Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol and The Bourne Legacy


Jeremy Renner has pretty much got the market in enigmatic superspies sewn up, what with his forthcoming roles in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and The Bourne Legacy .

So when Total Film sat down with The Hurt Locker actor recently, we naturally took the opportunity to grill him on those upcoming characters.

So tell us about the mysterious Agent Brandt…

“He’s a pretty complex character. There’s some things I can’t reveal but what I can tell you is he works for The Secretary, the guy dishing out the missions.

“We’re delivering a mission to Tom and then things go awry and we’re thrown into the mix with Ethan Hunt and another crew of people.

“It’s a big mosh-pit of agents and we go on a pretty cool thrill ride.”

And Renner went some way to assuaging cynics’ doubts about The Bourne Legacy when we asked him how it would differ from previous instalments…

“I think you’ll feel that it’s a wonderful continuation of the franchise; it’s going to be gritty with great action and character. The feel and tempo and intensity of it is all there.

“The main difference is it’s a new program – there’s a different hook in what they’re trying to do with the agents.”

So he won’t have to do the whole amnesiac routine?

“No, I don’t do that. I know who I am!”

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol opens on 26 December 2011.

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