Poster arrives for In The Land Of Blood And Honey

A first official poster has arrived for Angelina Jolie’s highly anticipated Bosnian war drama, In The Land Of Blood And Honey .

The eye-catching artwork takes the form of a map of the Balkan region, with the image of a pair of lovers superimposed over the top in blood. Safe to say it might be a bit heartrending then…

The film, which was also written by Jolie, is a drama set against the backdrop of the Bosnian War that scoured the region throughout the ’90s. It tells the story of Danijel (Goren Kostić) and Ajla (Zana Marjanović), a Serbian Soldier and a Bosnian prisoner of war who embark on a complex relationship whilst occupying the same camp.

Having known each other before the conflict started, the pair’s bond will be pushed to breaking point by the new roles in which they find themselves cast. The film will be presented in BHS (the official language of Bosnia) with English subtitles for us philistines.

The film arrives in the US on 23 December 2011, with a UK release date to be confirmed. You can take a look at the blood-spattered poster in all its glory below…

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