Change the fortunes of Manchester Uniteds Euro campaign with Football Manager Handheld 2012

Has your favourite football team recently crashed out of a major competition? Or have they never actually been in such an illustrious tournament? Well you’re in luck as Sports Interactive have just released the seminal Football Manager Handheld 2012 onto iOS devices so you can now manage your team to ultimate glory. Or relegation, because clearly some of you might not be cut out for management. Basically, kiss goodbye to any spare time you thought you had.

Above: Can you do better than Man United’s Sir Alex Ferguson? Probably not.

The biggest change this season is the introduction of Challenge Mode – a first for the Football Manager series – as it says on this press release.

There are four scenarios to overcome here. Saviour Cometh sees you having to save a club from relegation. Injury Crisis depletes your squad by injuring your top stars and then seeing if you can still avoid the sack. Unrest at Home involves your first team stars being instantly disappointed with your appointment and you have to win them over by winning games. And finally, there’s The Invincibles, which means completing a full season undefeated. Each of these are tricky, but add even more depth to an already deep iOS game.

Above: Will the fans be baying for blood by the end of this scenario or cheering your name?

We’re still surprised that such a huge simulation can be slotted onto iOS and still feel like you’re playing the big game, but it’s a superb effort and compliments the PC/Mac version. Perfect for those toilet break tinkering sessions.

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