First clip from Disneys Wreck-It Ralph: watch online now

The first clip from Wreck-It Ralph has emerged online, with the titular “bad-guy but not a bad guy” finding himself driven to distraction by Sarah Silverman’s fast-talking sprite.

The film sees Ralph (John C Reilly) tire of an unappreciated life as the resident bad guy in arcade game Fix-It Felix Jr. , leading him to hop into an action-packed first-person-shooter in search of adventure.

However, “game-jumping” can lead to all kinds of virus-based nasties, and it isn’t long until Ralph’s actions have put the whole arcade at risk.

Check out the new clip, below…

Silverman appears to be on supremely aggravating form as Vanellope von Schweetz, a character from karting game Sugar Rush , although that seems to be the character’s raison d’etre. Still, it does feel as though she might grate a touch…

Co-starring voice actors Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch, Wreck-It Ralph opens in the UK on 15 February 2013.

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