Fringe Season 5? We Could Know Within Days

And with JJ’s much-loved but barely-watched show still pulling in only small numbers of viewers in its current fourth season, what everybody wants to know is, will there be a fifth? The rate the show is tying up loose ends at the moment, you can tell even the producers aren’t banking on it.

According to one of those producers, we may learn of Fox’s decision sooner rather than later. Producer Joel Wyman revealed via his Twitter account that a renewal decision should be made as early as this week:

“Go Fringe !” he tweeted. “Should know something this week. Feeling good. All your support and positive thoughts help.”

While that does sound promising, it’s worth pointing out that Wyman’s tweets are consistently on the optimistic side.

We wonder, though, if an early announcement is necessarily a good thing. It could be just that Fox is giving the writers to chance to wrap everything up at the end of the fourth season.

Arrgh! We can’t stand the waiting!

And before we all curse Fox for cancelling yet another SF show, in the case of Fringe at least, the network has show an amazing commitment to keeping it on air despite falling ratings.

[via Blastr ]

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