Fans Create The Ultimate Comic Villain

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Here’s a guy you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley – or a sun-drenched field for that matter – and that’s official.

You’re looking at the ultimate comic villain, as voted for by over 3,500 fans.

To mark the release of The Dark Knight Rises , LOVEFiLM set up a poll to identify what makes the ultimate villain asking film fans to vote for the best headgear, outfit, accessories and superpowers from villains featured on the big screen. Collating the results, LOVEFiLM then worked with comic book artist Jack Lawrence to bring the character to life.

The Ultimate Villain can change his appearance, has mechanic tentacles and wears terrifying face paint to hide the scars on his face according to film fans.

He would have the head (44%) and outfit (39%) of Batman’s arch nemesis The Joker, with the colour of his eccentric suit influenced by Spider-Man’s extraterrestrial foe, Venom (20%).

He would have the mechanical arms of Dr Octopus (21%), the cape of Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom (9%) and the mask of Hellboy’s antagonist Kroenen (13%).

His superpowers would include the ability to change his appearance at a whim like the shape shifting blue mutant Mystique (25%), along with the capability to controlling metal with his mind like Magneto (19%), both villains of X-Men fame. The result is a truly unique and menacing opponent.

Research by LOVEFiLM also revealed the characteristics of The Ultimate Superhero. The ideal crusader would don the mask of vigilante Watchmen member Rorschach to safeguard his identity (27%), protect his torso with Batman’s rubber suit (27%) and fend off foes with Wolverine’s metal claws (38%). Iron Man’s mechanical suit narrowly missed out on the top spot to Gotham’s bat-like protector with 20%of the vote.

The Ultimate Superhero would also be kitted out with Batman’s super-fast, state-of-the-art Batmobile (29%) as well as the Dark Knight’s utility belt (17%).

Helen Cowley, Editor of LOVEFiLM, commented: “With so many great superhero films out this summer we wanted to find out what film fans thought would make the ultimate enemy. Any caped crusader would have their hands full if they came face to face with The Ultimate Villain. Even The Ultimate Superhero would struggle to fend off this foe whose powers and accessories make for a very potent mix of weaponry!”

Personally, we reckon he’s the Superskrull.

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