New Alien game coming from Total War developer

A new, big-budget Alien game is on its way from Sega’s UK-based studio, The Creative Assembly. The Total War developer launched a press conference today announcing it is expanding its staff size and opening a new, 10,000 square foot facility in West Sussex in preparation for its work on a “console core game” based on Fox’s iconic sci-fi franchise.

The game – which is not to be confused with Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines %26ndash; is being developed by the team of Total War veterans responsible for the 2008 hack-and-slasher Viking: Battle For Asgard. No release date or platforms were confirmed for the unnamed title, but The Creative Assembly did hint to that it had not yet taken next-gen consoles off the table.

The Creative Assembly’s press event was held at its main offices in Horsham, West Sussex, where itwas also joined by government MP Ed Vaizey.After being treated to a sneak peak at the game’s early build,the honorable MPdeclared, “Very close to where we are standing there are geniuses at work developing a game on 20th Century Fox’s Alien…The graphics are amazing, the concept is amazing.”

Amazing graphics and concept? This may be too good to be true. Unfortunately, The Creative Assembly isn’t planning to show its Alien game at E3, so we’ll just have to take Mr.Vaisey’s exclusive preview on faith.

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May 12, 2011

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