Falcon and The Winter Soldier finale post-credits scene: how it sets up a major new Marvel villain

You should know by now: don’t stop watching before the credits have rolled on a Marvel production. Falcon and The Winter Soldier has its own post-credits scene and, while it may not tie directly into a Marvel Phase 4 sequel the way the WandaVision post-credits did, it’s still no less important in mapping out the MCU’s future.

First up, we’re going to recap the Falcon and The Winter Soldier finale post-credits scene – just so we’re on all on the same page about what’s really going on – then take a look ahead to what it all could mean for a potential second season of the Disney Plus series. You ready? Spoilers for Falcon and The Winter Soldier episode 6 follow.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier finale post-credits scene

Falcon and The Winter Soldier sharon carter power broker

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Unlike most episodes in Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the finale delivers on having a post-credits scene.

It’s a sharp, short affair, too, as Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) completes her long road back to the United States and is pardoned for her past ‘crimes’ from Captain America: Civil War. There’s even a tiny shoutout to Peggy Carter, with one of the committee members saying, “The Carter name has always been synonymous with service and trust.” Ironic. Sharon was also offered a role back into her “old division” in the CIA and is now titled ‘Agent Carter’ once more.

As it turns out, a clean slate and a powerful job is just what Sharon needed. Because, plot twist, she is the Power Broker. The shadowy criminal leader of Madripoor is now allowed access to all manner of state secrets and technology – and aims to make good use of it.

Carter calls an unknown party and asks them to invite a group of buyers back to the table, including prototype weapons. “Should be something for everyone,” she quips.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier finale post-credits scene: what it means for Marvel’s future

Falcon Winter Soldier post-credits

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

On a base level, Sharon Carter is now installed as a fairly high-level threat that is likely going to oppose both Captain America and The Winter Soldier in Falcon and The Winter Soldier season 2.

Beyond that, the repercussions could be far more severe for the MCU’s heroes. Carter having a hotline to redacted information and cutting-edge technology means that secrets can be exposed and, crucially, supervillains can be armed with a flick of the pen. It’d be no stretch to suggest that the origins of any street-level (or otherwise) villain in upcoming Marvel movies and shows could all be traced back to whatever Sharon gets up to in the CIA.  

Remember, she already has previous with working with Batroc. Now she’s out of the shadows and equipped with serious pieces of kit, there’s no telling who she’ll ally with next – and who will be in her firing line. Plus, with her past allegiances and duplicitous nature, she’s going to be an extremely credible threat to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Cap might just have one helluva battle on his hands in future – and his toughest decision to make – if that’s the case.

For more, check out our piece on the Falcon and Winter Soldier ending. And if you need something else to watch, check out the best movies on Disney Plus.

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