Battlefield 6 is coming this year with a mobile spin-off launching in 2022

Battlefield 6 will be launching this year for console and PC, with another mobile spin-off launching next year.

Today, EA formally announced a new Battlefield game is in development for both console and PC alike through a new blog post (opens in new tab). The new Battlefield game is slated to launch in Holiday 2021, and is actually a massive collaboration between four developers: EA DICE, Criterion, DICE Los Angeles, and EA Gothenburg.

Previously, EA announced that Criterion, who developed the Firestorm battle royale mode for Battlefield 5, had been recruited to help EA DICE develop the next Battlefield game. Today’s news is another confirmation that the game is still on track to release in 2021, and is perhaps bigger than we previously thought, with four total developers helping out around the world.

The blog post from EA specifically mentions the new Battlefield game as arriving on next-gen platforms and PC, in particular with the help of developer EA Gothenburg. This ties into rumors earlier this year that the new Battlefield game would skip out launching on PS4 and Xbox One in favor of a next-gen exclusive release for PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. This isn’t a confirmation of anything right now, but the wording of EA certainly points to a next-gen exclusive launch.

“Get ready for the reveal soon,” rounds out the blog post on the next main Battlefield game. This could line up with previous rumors of the reveal of the next Battlefield game, where a leaker claimed that the forthcoming shooter would be unveiled in full at some point in May.

Additionally, EA also announced a brand new mobile Battlefield game. This game is “completely different” to the main Battlefield game mentioned previously, and is being developed by Industrial Toys for a targeted launch window of some point next year in 2022.

Right now, there aren’t too many details to go on about the mobile debut of Battlefield. The announcement from EA states that the spin-off is currently entering a testing period, so it seems as though development is nearing the later stages with the launch window for next year. Here’s hoping it isn’t long until we finally see the full unveiling of the next-gen Battlefield game.

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