E3 2011: Sony shows off Starhawk multiplayer

Last month, Sony’s Santa Monica Studio team took Starhawk’s multiplayer mode for spin, and lucky for us someone had a camera handy to film the entire in-house event. Here now is the recently released footage from that early play session, showing how brutal capture the flag can be on the Acid Sea.

Developed in partnership withLightBox Interactive, (opens in new tab)a studio comprised of former Incognito Entertainment staffers, Starhawk is billed as spiritual successor to Incognito’s 2007 aerial combattitle, Warhawk. In addition to sporting a single player campaign, the game will also ship with a hefty multiplayer component that uses a ‘Build and Battle’ systemwhich allows players to construct various offensive and defensiveunitsand assign them tasks on the battlefield.

%26ldquo;We%26rsquo;ve designed Starhawk%26rsquo;s multiplayer to be just as much fun as Warhawk%26rsquo;s, but now with our new Build %26amp; Battle toy box, you shooter fans will have something you haven%26rsquo;t truly experienced before %26ndash; the ability to change the battlefield on the fly.%26rdquo; explained SCEA’s senior producer Harvard Bonin on theUS PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab).

Starhawk isa PlayStation 3 exclusive, and is schedule to crash land and begin blowing crap up in 2012.

June 6, 2011

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