All Call of Duty Vanguard error codes, including Dev error 5573 and 6068

Call of Duty Vanguard error codes are something any player should be aware of, from the Vivacious code to Dev Error 5573, any one of which can badly hamper a player’s ability to have fun in the multiplayer, zombies or campaign. All COD games have them and Vanguard’s no exception, so we’ll lay out all the known error codes, bugs and glitches below that seem to be hampering people, along with all the known fixes so you can get back into the fray ASAP.

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Call of Duty Vanguard Vivacious error

Call of Duty: Vanguard

(Image credit: Activision)

The Vivacious dev error code has been something of a problem for PC players in particular, one that’s obstructing players from engaging with the multiplayer and claiming that a download has failed.

There doesn’t seem to be a specific reason that this is kicking in, no clear cause that can be avoided until a patch it put out. However, some have said that restarting the PC or console completely can solve the issue, as well as double checking your internet connection and restarting the router. 

Dev error 5537

Call of Duty vanguard error codes

(Image credit: Activision)

Dev error 5537 is the most recent error to seriously afflict Call of Duty Vanguard, one that kicks in on the multiplayer menu rather than in the game. As far as we understand, dev error 5537 kicks in mainly when a player attempts to change an operative’s (or player character’s) outfit and appearance in the customisation menu. This may prompt a crash which shuts down the game and sends the player back to the desktop/console launch screen, and when you come back, your operative’s outfit hasn’t even changed to boot.

In terms of fixes… there aren’t any, at least that we know of, besides just not changing your character’s appearance and waiting for a fix or patch to come. Activision has yet to comment on the issue, but it seems likely that we’ll see a fix for it at some point in the future, if only because outfits and customisation options are a marketable aspect of Vanguard, and very few publishers want people to feel demotivated to spend money.

Dev error 6068

Call of Duty vanguard error codes

(Image credit: Activision)

The other big issue that some players have been experiencing is dev error 6068, which so far seems to be limited to the PC version of the game – and is crashing it like the error above, seemingly with no clear cause. Players have reported a variety of possible solutions; so if you’re getting the error above, try any of these and see if they help.

  • Run Call of Duty Vanguard as an administrator on your PC (right-click the .exe file and choose it under Properties).
  • Delete the cache (type %ProgramData% into your Windows+R search bar and delete the Blizzard Entertainment Folder that appears)
  • Turn off the Xbox Game Bar or any other overlay you might have running.

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