GTA 6 fan theory suggests the game is teased in San Andreas remaster

GTA Trilogy players think they might have discovered the first look at GTA 6.

As outlined on Reddit (opens in new tab) by user TravaX_2, the ‘Lil Probe Inn’ coffee shop in the remastered version of San Andreas features a wall filled with pictures of UFO sightings. For the GTA Trilogy, new pictures have been added to the wall, featuring UFOs spotted over locations from GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Eagle-eyed players have noted, however, that one of the images doesn’t belong to either of those games, or even GTA 4. A picture of a single-story house (complete with unidentified object in the sky above) is therefore thought to be part of an internal project, which has some fans speculating that it could be our first look at Rockstar’s next game, with two major clues being cited.

The first is the palm trees in the front garden, which line up with both reports that GTA 6 will be set in Vice City, and a theory that a Rockstar developer had recently headed to Miami to scout locations for the game. Fans now think they’ve discovered the source of the image – a house in Palm Beach county, Florida (opens in new tab) – adding some extra context thanks to Rockstar’s detailed location scouting in Los Angeles for GTA 5. The second clue is the existence of the volumetric clouds in the background above the building, using tech that was present in Red Dead Redemption 2.

It’s an interesting theory, but one to take with a hefty pinch of salt, not least because the GTA Trilogy was not developed by Rockstar, but by Grove Street Games, who would be less likely to have internal development materials on hand. Rockstar is arguably also somewhat unlikely to show off its highly-anticipated for the first time via an easter egg in a remaster.

Neither Rockstar nor Take-Two have revealed anything about GTA 6, but some reports suggest development isn’t going smoothly, and that GTA 6 is the studio’s “most chaotic project” ever. That could mean that rumours of a GTA 6 release date as late as 2025 could easily prove accurate, and that this lone bungalow could be the most players have to get excited about for some time.

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