Bridesmaids is highest-grossing R-rated female comedy ever


Bridesmaids has proven that filthy, funny female movies can have their cake and eat it – it’s just become the highest-grossing R-rated female comedy ever.

The Kristen Wiig hoot-fest has now made $152.9m at the US box office, meaning it’s snatched the crown from Sex And The City as queen of the female comedy.

It’s a title well-earned, considering Bridesmaids has received almost unanimously positive reviews (we called it ” a side-splitting comedy that lifts the veil on every wedding’s unsung heroines “).

That surely means that Wiig is now something of a hot property, considering she not only starred in, but also spent years writing the Bridesmaids script.

You can bet that in light of the film’s success (both financially and critically), she’ll be receiving quite a few phone calls about what she’s going to do next.

The same can probably be said of her co-stars, with Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph all providing laughs-a-plenty with their outrageous characters.

There’s already been talk of a Bridesmaids 2 – could it be Annie’s turn to walk down the aisle?

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