BLOG The Being Human Death Toll, Part 2

Blogger Laura McConnell continues her look at the dearly departed in Being Human

First off, my apologies for the tremendous error in my last blog. The first paragraph should have been labelled Becca, not Lauren, and it should have stated that Mitchell allowed Becca to die rather than that he killed her outright. Forgive me. I have been ill and I guess the medications made me more foggy than I thought. Sorry! Also, that paragraph went through many revisions and because I associate Becca so closely in my brain with Lauren (she did kill her, after all), they shared the entry through most of my editing process. In the end, I guess my cut and paste tool got too aggressive. This is my mistake, not SFX ’s.

Now, that said, I did truly forget a few deaths. Who can blame me for that, though? Unlike my major faux pas above (again, I apologise – I normally check such things very carefully, but it just slipped under my radar, and it doesn’t help that in the US version the Lauren character is named Rebecca.), I think it’s understandable to forget a few dead players when so many have passed on. Besides, there’s a length limit to these blogs! So, let’s look at those characters you lot so graciously pointed out as missing from the list along with some I remembered myself.

So that’s round two. Any more out there? Does this blog need to become a trilogy? Let me know, fair fans of Being Human ! Oh, and one more thing: I truly meant Becca in the first article, and I hang my head in shame about my error still, but while I’m not fond of her, Lauren deserves her piece too. Since I somehow deleted her before, here we go.

Farewell for now, fair readers!

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