Batman: Arkham City Avatar items now on Xbox Live Marketplace

For years you’ve been doing your best to turn your 360 Avatar into Batman or the Joker. Still, despite your hard work it just didn’t look real enough, and you had to admit defeat. Now, with days to go before the retail release of Batman: Arkham City, a bunch of Avatar clothing and other bric-a-brac is available on Xbox Live that lets you become the Caped Crusader and some of his crew… for a price.

Let’s get the most important ones out of the way, the full body costumes. Costing 400 MS Points ($5.00) each you can now outfit yourself as Batman, Robin, Joker, Catwoman, or Harley Quinn. However, these are gender specific, meaning we can’t live our secret dream of dressing as Joker’s femme fatale sidekick. Sigh…

If you want to look a little more casual, there’s the set of t-shirts that are each 80 MS Points ($1.00). Fortunately the Robin, Batman, Nightwing, Riddler, and Arkham City shirts were made with equality in mind, as they exist for men and women.

Lastly there are a slew of facial garments and props to pick up. They range from Riddler’s snappy hat (240 MS Points) to Two Face’s coin (240 again) to an honest to goodness Batarang (320). You can check out all 25 items for sale here (opens in new tab).So if you want to impress all your friends on Live, or just like spending money on extras for heavily hyped games, your prayers have been answered.

Oct 4, 2011

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