Minecraft helmets to appear in 5th Cells Summer of Arcade title, Hybrid

Developers 5th Cell and Mojang announced today that they’ll be partnering to bring Minecraft helmet skins to 5th Cell’s upcoming XBLA Summer of Arcade shooter, Hybrid.

According to the press release, players who reach level 20 in Hybrid will be able to equip one of two Minecraft-themed helmet based on their faction. Players of the Variant faction will be getting the Creeper helm, while Paladins will get the Steve theme.

Hybrid is perhaps the least well known of all this year’s Summer of Arcade titles despite being developed by the renowned creator of Scribblenauts. 5th Cell’s penchant for unique gameplay (opens in new tab) is on full display with Hybrid, as it’s a shooter in which you can’t move freely. You can only move from point to point by selecting your next location, then ordering your character to move out.

It’s an odd system, but we’re excited to try it out. From the looks of things, it brings shooters down to a more cerebral, thoughtful level. Whereas most shooters are incredibly twitch-based. Hybrid will launch next month towards the end of XBLA SoA on August 8.

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