Zeboyd Games to continue Penny Arcade game series

Penny Arcade, the webcomic that invented the“two gamers on a couch: genre, has had a stay of execution regarding its long-dormant adventure game series, On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. Written off as a failed venture into episodic gaming after developer Hothead moved on to Deathspank, the series’ future acts will now be developed by Zeboyd Games (of recent Cthulhu Saves the World success). While the series’ continuing plot has been laid out ahead of time, expect a new look and feel for future episodes.

Zeboyd, which has made its name with affectionately derivative pastiche of the turn-based RPGs of old, kept the announcement pithy: “Yes, we’re serious.” However, the match seems like an obvious one: Penny Arcade has made its name with marginally astute observations about videogames for 14 years and counting, whereas Zeboyd’s stock-in-trade is updating the classic console RPG format – itself arguably the first genre to become self-aware, with a long history of characters breaking the fourth wall to poke fun at genre conventions. Which means you can now look forward to a game about people who’ve been talking about games for longer than some of you have been playing them, within a format known for talking about games for longer than some of you have been alive.

PAA:OtRSPoD Episode 3 is dated for 2012 – with both Penny Arcade and Zeboyd known for keeping fans in the loop, expect more details between now and then.

Aug 30, 2011

Source: GameSetWatch

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