X-Men: Destiny development clip is full of Hollywood production values and mutants

With less than a month until the late-September release of X-Men: Destiny, Silicon Knights’ mutant action-RPG, you’ve probably seen all the teasers and promo stills you can muster interest for. This behind-the-scenes look at the title takes a gander at the motion-capture and voice-acting work required to craft a game which allows you, in the words of head Knight Dennis Dyack, “to interact in very deep and meaningful ways within the universe.” Well, that’s what we all want out of life, after all.

As Dyack points out, one of the most exciting parts of X-Men: Destiny is the content – which might seem like empty promo-speak, but if your first X-Men experiences were the side-on 16-bit iterations, it really is a nice change to contemplate Marvel’s mutants in a title whose most exciting part isn’t the full-color manual. With Knights’ history – Too Human aside – of crafting engaging experiences out of unexpected properties, are you looking forward to the studio’s big-budget take on the X-Men?

Aug 31, 2011

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