Welcome to your summer of SF reading

Join Terry Pratchett, Dan Abnett, Maria Dahvana Headley, Stephen Baxter and more in this year’s bumper celebration of literature

With issue 224 of SFX (on sale from Wednesday 27 June) we begin another of our annual summer blowouts dedicated to written SF.

There is always a ton of book-related content in the pages of SFX magazine – author interviews each month, for instance, or our Book Club which has been running since 2006. But we know how important the literary scene is to our readers and so for three months every year we deliver extra book content. This is our third year of The SFX Summer Of SF Reading and we’ve got some great features lined up for you, both in the mag and online.

“Get yourself settled, pin back your eyelids, and prepare for a host of delights – it’s time to read!” IAIN M BANKS ( SFX 224)

For a start, there’s a mag foreword written specially for you (yes you) by Iain M Banks , whose face replaces the terrifying visage of our editor-in-chief for one issue. Iain (who’s launching his new book in Bath , remember – be there) is also interviewed about his heroes and inspirations. Other interviews include Maria Dahvana Headley, William King and new author Samit Basu. Plus there’s the amazing roundtable discussion with Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter who dropped by our offices to talk through their first collaboration, The Long Earth . We also find room for an extract from The Games by Ted Kosmatka, and the whole of the section is introduced by none other than bestselling author Dan Abnett .

“Reading is like putting fuel in the tank. It’s kindling for the imagination. SFX will show you all manner of new escape routes to staggering places you didn’t even think possible.” DAN ABNETT ( SFX 224)

As always there’s your Book Club page, Dave Langford’s column, nine pages of book and comic reviews and a voucher for money off in WHSmith (this month’s offer is for Stephen King’s 11.22.63 ). And our back page nostalgia column, “Total Recall”, is appropriately given over to our Rob reminiscing about Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters .

Online at SFX.co.uk you can expect additional book content too in the form of interviews and book extracts. Remember to join us on our discussion forum to talk about the books you’re enjoying at the moment.

Let’s go: it’s time to get reading!

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