Video: If the dubstep infestation of video games continues – the horrible, logical conclusion

As any publisher of modern video games will tell you, if your game doesn’t have dirty great swathes of dubstep shoe-horned into both its trailer and soundtrack (Far Cry 3, Syndicate, SSX, and probably a thousand other upcoming games, I’m looking at you), then you might as well not bother releasing it. Oh how the wubby plague has infested our favourite medium. Oh how men in suits love to assume that it’s the only music anyone under the age of 30 has ever listened to ever. Oh how it has made all games and promo vids sound the same, whether hilariously inappropriate or not (seriously, have you seen that Far Cry 3 trailer? (opens in new tab)).

So in the current industry spirit of making all games feel like YouTube fan edits, I’ve pieced together a nightmare vision of the logical conclusion that will befall us all should this fad continue, taking Far Cry as inspiration and using Noisia’s (opens in new tab) Machine Gun (16Bit Remix). Behold: Gaming under dubstep. Total infiltration. It will probably make your brain go a bit weird, but just think of what must have happened to the guy who made it. You have no idea how much I suffer for you.

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