Ubisoft announces PowerUp Heroes, plans to steal your clothes

Videogame trends tend to change with the season, but if there’s one thing a developer can bank on, it’s the gaming public’s constant willingness to screw over their friends. Understanding this, Ubisoft has revealed PowerUP Heroes, a new Kinect fighting game which lets players outfit their avatar with uniquely powered suits for the sole purpose of beating live opponents into submission and stripping them of their own superpowered clothing.

Developed by Longtail Studios (opens in new tab) (TNA Wrestling, Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game), PowerUp Heroes will include up to 20 collectable suits including the Necromancer suit, capable of controlling an army of skeletons; and the Mentalist suit, capable of launching attacks directed at the mind. Each suit can be leveled up and augmented with upgrades and special abilities, which are then triggered using full body movements.

An idea of how this may look (if you worked at a nondescript burger joint and commissioned a high-school A/V club to make your commercial), can be glimpsed in this announcement trailer:

PowerUp Heroes will feature two-player showdown, two-player versus, and four-player tournament modes. It is scheduled to break longstanding friendships and familial bonds this June.

April 13, 2011

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