Total War: Rome 2 officially announced by Creative Assembly

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The creators of the famous Total War series of grand strategy games have announced that their next project will in fact be a sequel to Rome: Total War, one of the most highly lauded strategy games ever made.

Speaking to Joystiq (opens in new tab), Creative Assembly’s communications manager Al Bickham showed off the siege of Carthage, which featured one of Rome 2’s big hooks: seamless land-to-sea transitions. That is to say, Roman soldiers landed on the beach on ships, then scrambled up the beach to set up siege towers to begin the assault.

Total War: Rome 2 is still fairly early in development, and Creative Assembly is currently aiming for a 2013 release. Few details about the project are known at-present, but Bickham did say that the game wants to show the value of the individual soldier, along with a more cinematic presentation.

As expected, Total War: Rome 2 has so far only been announced for PC.

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