Top 10 Resurrections

Jayne Nelson exhumes some sci-fi and fantasy TV characters who rose from the grave

One of the most brilliant things about sci-fi and fantasy is the way you can break the rules and nobody bats an eyelid. Take dying, for instance – characters in sci-fi telly cark it all the time, but often as not, they’re right as rain a few minutes later.

We take a look at some of sci-fi’s most memorable (or not!) back-from-the-dead jawdroppers…


10 The Torchwood Crew

Death’s just another day at the office for most of these guys, who not only have a boss who can pop his clogs and then come back tap-dancing in them half an hour later (and we bet he would, too, given John Barrowman’s unholy love of light entertainment..) but who also regularly use a special alien glove that can bring the dead back to life in the blink of an eye.

Of course, it’s not all fun’n’games. We’re still baffled that Captain Jack didn’t have severe post-traumatic stress disorder after spending hundreds upon hundreds of years buried underground – imagine how many times he must have woken up, suffocated and then woken up again. Nasty. And Owen wandering around like a zombie was disconcerting, to say the least – coming back from the dead a little different is everybody’s Stephen King-style nightmare. But hey, at least he did. For a bit.

Wonderfully, given the show’s fondness for resurrection, it’s a particularly Torchwood -like twist that the one character most beloved of all, dear wee Ianto Jones and his amazing performing trembling chin, is deader than a totally-deaded doornail. The temptation to bring him back must have been strong, but by keeping him dead he’s more powerful than he ever was in life. (And we don’t mean that in an Obi-Wan kind of way; just that he’ll live on in our memories, whereas a resurrection would cheapen his death.)


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