THQ reveals Season Pass for Saints Row: The Third DLC

THQ announced details for the Season Pass that’ll go on sale online alongside the release of Saints Row: The Third next week. The package will save you over 15% on three upcoming mission packs and a bonus DLC pack containing all the accoutrements you’ll require to turn the third Saints Row into a campy, Blade-esque vampire thriller. Which, by this point, may be literally the only thing the game hasn’t yet shown itself to contain already.

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The Saints Row: The Third Season Pass, priced at $19.99, includes the Nyte Blayde pack, whose vehicles and costumes you can gaze upon in the image floating directly above these very words. It’ll also unlock three future downloads to sustain you over the coming months’ onslaught of chilly weather and forced family-time: January’s Genkibowl VII, the Q1-dated Gangstas in Space, and The Trouble With Clones, which won’t show up until Q2. Because if Spring isn’t the perfect time to lock yourself indoors and smash new life with a tire iron, when is? Saints Row: The Third will show up next Tuesday, unless you happen to be reading this in Japan, in which case you can hold out until Thursday.

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